famewhores unite.

2009 BlogLuxe Awards  

I was nominated for a blogluxe award.

Which in itself makes my palms all clammy with discomfort.  Pitted against blogs with hundreds of readers, some over a thousand. Basically it is too late in the game for me to even come close to winning {seeing as how i have 7 votes and voting ends on the 6th.}  Believe me, I have gone back and forth on posting this button...cause to me {kinda like ginormous t-shirts with bikini bodies printed on the front} these contests exist to torture us all...with judgement. Which is something i welcome about as much as I want a sweaty indecent Antonio Sabato Jr. to demand a piggy back ride.

But as to not overlook the sweet gesture that was the nomination, i am swallowing my pride and posting it anyway. BUT...then i read over some old posts of mine.....

Now i think in general the blogging community is very kind. But I couldn't help but feel that, rather than being "funny" most of my posts read like I was storytelling half way through a mild seizure. Did I sell my soul to the devil in exchange for some awkward poop stories??...most posts are either mom style crazy and/or confusing ridiculousness, which I suppose {at this point in my life} is all i can really ask for.  So even at the risk of inviting drastic comparisons, at least check out some of the other great blogs that were nominated. And regardless if i feel my posts are funny, feel free to vote....for someone {especially NIE!}. I'll just be here...making sure i don't choke on my tongue.

And, to pay it are some of my favorite funny ladies. check it...



missy. said...

oh cool. look at you go :)

TeeTee said...

off to vote!

angie + matt said...

Voted! Team Boo or bust!

Broadobalds said...

I voted! I voted!

Lindsay said...

I voted! Good luck, I hope you win! Keep your fingers crossed!

kelly said...

I'm a new fan of team boo who clicked on over from a blog of a blog of a blog, im sure somewhere in this blogosphere we have someone we know in common. either way, you make me laugh my beak off.
+ one vote

sincerely yours,
your new internet friend and admirer and writer of whoopsyvaisey,


p.s. word verification words also makes me laugh my beak off.

Caroline Dahlberg said...

woot, woot!! Off to vote, I love your blog!!! :)

ArizonaLewis said...

stop being to sheepish you little lamb.
humility is for the:
-elderly &
-unfortunate looking
own it miss amazing.

Sara said...

First of all, congratulations on your fabulous nomination. If I weren't such a crappy human being, I would've checked in with all my blogs long ago and seen I needed to vote a butt load. I totally would have, though!

Next, thank you ever so kindly for bestowing such an honor upon me! I'm not sure I deserve it... but I will take it!

Finally, does my award get revoked if I don't have children? The only kids I have are the ones I like to picture in the future where I'm saying, "No, don't lick her. Your sister is not for sale!"

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