ticket to rad.

psst...We have a secret weapon.

 ...of how to have fun*
(without being drunk ;) 

**feel free to take notes, just jot it down next to "how to love someone who hasn't washed there hair in 5 days" {me} and "wear less layers than everyone around to ensure you're not the 'sweaty' friend" {again, me}

Meet our friends.
They may seem proper. Or even reserved.
They are not.

Ticket to Ride + drunk on...shameless friendship {??} = fun with salley O'malley, or just a way gayer david lee roth.

{i once peed my pants seven times in one game night with them...i was pregnant, but FREAKIN' STILL, right?}

Thanks for the guacamole and the acrobatics. Until next time.  Bert, bring your game face...i'll bring the extra pants.


Andrea and Blake said...

you 4 are pretty much hilarious and I can only imagine what your "date" nights are like! yes, you are so RAD

Chandra said...

Um, that dude is really flexy or has no nuts.....

Looks like good times were had by all. :)

Cali Girl said...

what games do ya play on game night?

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