sibling shout outs.

In keeping with my "love kick" I realized that after almost 100 postings I have never let you in on some of my best kept social unmatched siblings.  Let me list a few reasons why i prefer them to almost anyone else.
(the "redhead")
1. most hilarious girl i know {also the pterodactyl scream}
2. reflective and kind hearted
3. can make anything amazingly beautiful {seeeriously anything}
4. magnetic
5. passionate and inspired
6. drops BFF's like its hot {but can't drop me cause were seesters}
(the "middle" sister ;)
1. creative and beautiful
2. generous and loyal, an amazing friend to anyone
3. supportive and a wicked good secret keeper
4. honest and genuine
5. gives the best reactions, and easiest laughter
6. most entertaining storyteller {complete with signature pelvic thrusted walk}
(the "baby")
1. reserved yet retarded on cue
2. the smart one 
3. selective and independent
4. funny and also cooler than me {which isn't hard}
5. got the "butt" and the "lips"
6. secretly loves and wants to be like me and he knows it ;)
(the "golden child")
1. insanely imaginative 
2. amazingly outgoing and interesting
3. sweet and thoughtful
4. entertaining and clever
5. tenacious
6. has put up with all 10 of his parents for 11 years (you rock the house brother)
*this glorious picture of me has been re-posted to ensure no sibling accuses me of posting a bad picture of them (feel free to click to enlarge, its a doozy)...


Christopher said...

Why did mom and kent let spencer do that? Haha its awesome. And is that picture of you real? Like for real? Cause....ya. And I am cooler than you (but mayyyy secretly want to be like you, even though I'd have to become less cool).

Christopher said...

Oh and I thought I would let you know that I already saw twilight at midnight...this morning? I guess I'm a more devoted fan.

Buffalo Gal said...

I was wondering when you were gunna rekanize (ment to spell that wrong btw, it's supposed to sould "gangsta"...T.M.I. oops) And I approve the pic. although I don't even remember what it's like to be that skinny anymore :(

Carolyn said...

...aaand i specifically remember you thinking you were "fat" then. Girls...why do we torment ourselves so? (sigh)

Andrea and Blake said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! I wasn't sure if you got my text so I thought I'd leave you a comment! hope you have a great day

Carolyn said...

thanks are sweet to remember!


Chandra said...

I totally think that is a fake picture of you. LOL You totally put your head onto someone else's body.

Your kids are seriously super cute. Love all of the pics. Jason wants to come over and play with the hulk hands. Do you think if I gave Sheamus some candy he could do an "accidental" crotch shot to Jason? LOL I am just kidding....sorda. :)

Carolyn said...

nope! that's the real deal baby...the matronly maternity wear and all ;)

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