like a glove.

You know when you've just squeezed into your classy spandex pants, and you just can't find any shoes to complete your outfit? That's so frustrating.
You can imagine then, my pure elation when i stumbled upon these suede beauties on Etsy. Had I been a hooker on the prowl for some comfy red thigh highs, and not so busy looking at the garbage in her fireplace OR her hungry spandex butt, I might have noticed the boots for sale. Ya ya, we've all heard it before: "they are just so comfy" or "what else do I wear with my sequence tube top?" Just promise yourself that next time you will acquaint yourself with your photo crop tool, or at least buy a reliable rear viewing full length mirror. Lesson learned: no matter how fabulously you think you can rock a pair of black stretchies, sometimes its better to let your speak for themselves (har har). All things considered...I ultimately settled on this more versatile, slightly less distracting pair...
(not actual boots i bought, but close enough. You get the idea)


Summer Lofgran said...

Is this a sly underhanded attempt to thwart me from sporting my leggings?!
It didn't work. I have them on now.

Eric and Addie said...

hey- don't ever post a picture of my butt and red hot hooker boots on your blog again. it is rather embarassing:)

you do know my butt looks like that right, except maybe even larger?

it is kinda awesome.

Robbins Family said...

One things for sure... I can always count on coming to your blog for a good laugh... Thank You!

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