Hello Goodbye.

Some summer romances are destined to fail (sorry Lindsay Lohan and 2-inch-roots "friend").

Others manage to stick around longer than expected (high five Vanessa and Zac Efron!...even if you are made of wax) 

Mine has come to a screeching halt...leaving me with nothing but a few new freckles and about ten loads of sandy laundry.  So, good bye summer love...but not to you heat. Just to the good part where we could fool around with other states while school was out.
Good bye afternoons in public pools, and the "anonymous poo log evacuations" (man kids are so lazy!) and where i also bid adieu to the scary one-toothed man trying to cop a feel in the whirlpool (thanks a heap scary Sloth from goonies. Your gap-toothed smile is about as flattering to your face as your creepy gesture was to my ego). Farewell to road trips where calories don't apply. Good bye sleeping in until Mitch starts knocking on our door at noon.  And most annoying, goodbye to having a good excuse to NOT go to the gym.

Yes, after 5 1/2 years of motherhood I am officially a carpooling-teacher conferencing-lunch packing-homework helping mother who now wakes up before 7:30 (barf). Sweet Elyott is a kindergardener (sigh).

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