Man's best friend?  I don't know about you, but I've never had a best friend pee on my rug, have anal puss glands, or bite me in the leg.  According to all four dog owners whose dogs (big and small) have bit me over the years: "Oh Schmoopsypooh would never bite anyone!"...well, except for me of course.  Can they smell my inner reluctance? or maybe its my underlying disgust at how crazy people are about them?  Either way, to me, a dog is a teeth and all: made for chewing flesh (be it my thigh, my butt, my arm, or a jack rabbit's face).  The latest culprit: Kujo re-born.  She not only bit my leg (leaving a baseball size bruise and double puncture) but i am confident, were she not on a leash, she could have ripped my whole leg from my hip socket. 
The bad news: she tore my cargo army shorts too. Which brings me to my good news: my jean cutoffs were safely at home (pshew!)
this picture doesn't do it justice.
 "tiger" will protect me from naughty dogs.  (or is he being kujo?)
yes deb, you knew this was blog worthy.


Deborah Breinholt said...

I still can't believe how the whole thing went down and I will apologize on "kujo's" behalf. I don't think I will ever be over it. Nor should you.

Rachael Earl said...

Uh...hate to break it to you, but I think that is a vampire bite. You might want to get yourself some garlic and watch Lost Boys a few times.

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