Awww, Snap!

-Cheesy quivering smile....check
-at least one crying child....check
-faux fireplace backdrop....check 
-And one four year old who begged you to be "fancy", who now has mascara running down her face (check).   
There's no disputing the fun of a family portrait at the local JC Penny.  I'd rather snack on a light bulb, thank you.  Enter the multi-talented Rachael Earl...come to shed new light on capturing family moments (sans the lame manufactured poses, and unsightly turtle chins.  Just promise to leave the shoulderpads at home).  I love it.  Thanks friend.


Rachael Earl said... I'm going to have you write MY blog posts. By the way, we are currently watching The Grinch while Abbie is playing Christmas music on her Winnie the Pooh piano book... The new lyrics to Jingle Bells now read: "Christmas Bells, Christmas Bells haunted (?) all the way, so much fun Snow White Snow White-HEY!"

In a Nutshell said...

Hey cousins! We love your blog. Totally loving your family pic. That is so cool!

Kara said...

love this...a lot

Kara said...

1- where is the fight til death image from?

2- don't read the host with any expectations at all. i had a hard time getting through it.

3- what are you doing monday? hangout? swim? we've been swimming in the evenings and i swear you guys could hear us from inside your house, we are so loud?

4- what is the read me book about?

Eric and Addie said...

I wanted to tell you that I love your blog first and foremost. The way you write and your pictures are so cute not to mention so way COOL:) Your kids are huge! Last time I saw you your baby was still just that, a baby, not a toddler. Wanted to tell you also that I love your comments you leave. They always make my day.
See ya!
Yea, whats your book about anyway?
I am getting ready to start reading the Nanny 911 book you gave me years ago.

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